Bradford Jamal Clark, better known as Jamal Science was born on January 20 1986 in the Northwest side of Chicago. Being the eldest of three boys, he always looked up to his father “Hitman” who was a part of a rap group in the early 90′s. Other emcees that had a great influence on him were Nas & Rakim. By the age of 12, he developed a huge passion for hip-hop. He then went on doing numerous talent shows at Foreman High school. When former classmates are asked what they remember most about Brad, they often reminisce how this kid used to battle everyone all around school. Lunchroom, during class, outside of school, in the halls-you name it the kids done it. He then went into Wilbur Wright College and participated in several open mics, and was featured in the local news paper twice. In the winter of 2005, he won the All City Emcee battle which was held at the Abbey Pub,beating out more than 20 emcees for the grand prize of a $1,000 and a co-sign from Rhymefest and capitol D. Earlier this year, he was featured in Chicago’s local newspaper The Red Eye on April 30th 2010 after winning Kyra Kyles track off after winning by 70%. Now at the age of 25,he’s preparing to drop an EP later this year.Be on the lookout for Jamal Science!


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